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Keep Talking (Chad Ost.) Snowboard Dvd

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Keep Talking (Chad Ost.) Snowboard Dvd

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So Casanova hit me up last fall about doin a shred movie for the winter. I had always talked about doin our own thing in Colorado called DUDE DONT CALL ME BRO , but never really had the motivation to do something legit. Anyway, watchin Casanova shred made me think it was possible, he pretty tears up anything he shreds. So I went ahead and bought his girlfriends video camera. We called up our friend Bryan Redniss and asked him if he was into filmin all year, he said yes. Then we called all our bros and got the word out to see who wanted in. Pretty much everyone wanted in, so that was pretty sweet. As far as the movie goes, there was snow in Denver for 4 months this year, they had a record snowfall. Ol filmer Redniss just so happens to live in Denver, so we basically told everyone to come to Denver to jib. So that pretty much covers the jibbing in our movie. People were jumping off everything in Denver, there was pow in the city for days. Then im a contest jock, I dont want to be, but it pays the bills. So we went to the Xgames and filmed all that action, people were sending it off of everything, there was some serious hucking goin on there. So yeah, the contest and park scene was locked down. Then when the all the other states were hurting for snow, good ol conststent Colorado was getting new snow every week. We hooked it up and brought all the bros to our jumps n cliffs. That was my favorite part, I hit the funnest backcountry jumps ever this year. Along with a couple east coast trips and a minnesota trip, thats what our movie is about. Good time shreddin with your friends - Chad Otterstrom

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