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Bic Techno 148 Windsurf Board w/ Nova Rig

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Bic Nova Windsurf Rig 4.5M
Bic Techno 148 Windsurf Board
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Bic Techno 148 Windsurf Board w/ Nova Rig -

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Item #wind-package-0913

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The ideal boards for attacking and getting into funboarding, the Techno 148 and Techno 148 and Techno 133 give you great sailing speeds in light to moderate winds. Fast to learn, easy to jibe, the perfect combination of ingredients to give you unlimited freeride fund, with some great surf sensations to enjoy from day 1.

A great board for lighter weight beginners, the Techno 148 is a great weapon in light to moderate winds, with the kind of acceleration, straight line speed and lively handling that make it still one of the best in its category.