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Bic Cross Tough Paddleboard

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Bic Sports, Windsurfing Boards, Kayaks
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Bic Cross Tough Paddleboard

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You get a Free Jimmy Styks SUP Paddle with your purchase.
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An ultra-stable platform equally suited for first-timers, family fun, fitness, yoga, fishing or whatever your next SUP adventure may be. The unique ‘hybrid’ design of the Cross features a keeled nose for excellent tracking, full rail-to-rail volume for enhanced stability and maximum use of the entire deck, and a full waterline to increase speed and efficiency. Numerous attachment points for securing accessories and deck rigging come standard on all Cross models.

After years of development and testing, Bic Sport is proud to announce the launch of TOUGH-TEC, a ground-breaking new boardsport construction technology exclusive to BIC Sport, TOUGH-TEC boards are a major step forward in durability while offering lighter weight and higher performance.

While the materials are simple, the technology need to properly build TOUGH-TEC boards is anything but. Under heat and pressure Bic fuse an incredibly durable polyurethane skin around a stringerless, precision-molded EPS foam core to reach a pinnacle in terms of durability to weight ratio. 100% Made in France with the highest quality standards and sustainable manufacturing techniques. TOUGH-TEX SUP and Windsurf boards offer unmatched product lifetime and excellent value for money.

Key Features of Bic Cross Tough Paddleboard:
  • Keeled nose - Enhanced tracking and increased glide for fun cruising and exploring
  • Full rail-to-rail volume - Enhanced stability, maximum use of the entire deck and a dry ride
  • Attachment points - Multiple attachment points for securing gear and easy transport
  • Flat deck - Perfect for family fun, cruising, fitness & yoga
  • Ergo-Grip carry handle for ease of transport and less fatigue
  • Tough-Tec Construction

    Tough-Tec Construction Features:
  • The Inner Core - Developed high precision molds to manufacture premium quality EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam blanks with high strength to weight ratio and very good compression stability
  • The Outer Shell - Extremely strong outer shell for enhanced product lifetime and zero waste during the production process. Very low material impurity ratio for clean matt finish and pure color. Anti-UV treatment to prevent yellowing and material degradation
  • Thermoforming Know-How - Fusing the two sheets under heat and pressure along the rail guarantees one-piece unity and unmatched durability
  • Built-in Rail Saver - Board rails are known as being one of the most vulnerable part of a board. That is why Bic left an extra thickness of impact resistant polyurethane all along the rails
  • 100% Recyclable - Indeed, every component (outer shell, EPS foam blank, molded inserts) can be easily separated from each other and fully recycled. Old polyurethane can even be grinded down and made into new boards again
  • 100% Made in France - Factory and head office in Vannes (Brittany, France) where skilled workers and industrial facilities gave birth to TOUGH-TEC products

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Item colors: Blue White|Red White